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Friday, November 12, 1999


Reading about Ralph Metivier and David McAllister's tour in Vietnam in last week's Mosquito brought back quite a few memories. A year before they did, I too had gone through Fort Jackson, Travis Air Force Base, and wound up in III Corps in Vietnam. I was a medic in a helicopter air ambulance unit and did frequent field standbys in Lai Kai, Ralph and David's ...more

One dark day the maples along the street shuddered and dropped everything. Their scurfy leaves were gone by the time I got back. They had scuttled in fright into the bushes and lurched into niches of buildings and walls. Soon the sidewalks will be exposed to full view, their cracks laced with mosses escaped from the graveyard. Still, I can find some comfort in twigs, naked and stiff with chill, all hanging in there together. Now they will have nothing useful to do for a long time. But they will bear watching.

Heath Marlow of Concord, well known in Carlisle, played a varied concert to an enthusiastic crowd last Saturday night. Accompanied by Susanne Son on the Congregational Church's well-tuned Falcone piano, he played an exquisite contemporary piece, sonatas by Beethoven and Shostakovich and a Bach solo cello suite. Visiting from the University of Minnesota, Son ...more

Stepping up the walk of the Singhal family's Kimball Road home before Halloween, I was greeted by plastic ghosts dangling from the bushesspooky Halloween fruit. Just after Halloween, electric lights were strung up instead, in celebration of Diwali, Hindu Festival of Lights. The Singhals preserve the traditions of their homeland and participate in the customs ...more

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