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Friday, November 5, 1999


Pathways lose in Chapter 90 budget cuts

In order to stay within the lower-than- expected state appropriations for the town's highway department, amounts budgeted for construction of pathways in Carlisle over the next few years were cut more than $60,000. Specifically, according to new figures presented at the selectmen's meeting on October 26, in FY01 only $13,130 is budgeted for sidewalks/paths. Selectman Vivian Chaput noted that close to $80,000 was allotted for this purpose in the original budget.

Town administrator David DeManche had asked department of public works supervisor Gary Davis to reprioritize the town's expected uses of Chapter 90 funds through 2003 in response to a cut at the state level of two-thirds of the town's expected appropriation. Rather than an anticipated amount of approximately $189,000, the town is slated to receive only an estimated $67,000. DeManche stated that he expects another $67,000 later this fiscal year.

Carlisle's reduction was part of an overall cut in funding for towns and cities due to an increased allocation of state monies for the Big Dig. According to Chaput, there is some agitation in the Legislature to regain the original appropriation.

Most road resurfacing will continue to be performed as anticipated, said Davis, with the exception that work on the lower end of East Street will be delayed until next year. DeManche commended Davis for taking charge of the reprioritization and completing the task in a timely and responsible manner.

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