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Friday, October 29, 1999


All Hallow's Eve is upon us; ghouls and goblins help us celebrate the American festival of the dead. Nearly every culture has one. Every culture and time seems to need one. We honor the dead on this night, and all year long, through our burial and funeral practices. Carlisle's have changed over time. ...more

Dear Ms. Rowling, ...more

Brilliant autumn leaves of broad-branched maples, set off by the still green of beech and rare conifers, set a tone of magnificence in our little rural cemetery. Choruses of old headstones face the morning sun while newer memorials face the roads and paths to speak to passersby: "Remember me, remember my story." ...more

In 1808 the spring Town Meeting "voted that the town raise one hundred dollars to procure a hearse." Nearly 200 years ago, $100 was a whopping lot of money. ...more

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