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Friday, October 29, 1999


School expansion options to be considered

A new "school expansion options" subcommittee was formed by the Carlisle School Committee to gather information and formulate a set of options for the future. The goal of the subcommittee will be to prepare for a public hearing to discuss the possibilities and to be ready at spring Town Meeting to present the findings and ask for funding for more formal planning.

CSC representative to the municipal land committee (MLC), Paul Morrison, told the school committee at their October 19 meeting that the MLC has been asking about the school's plans for future building. At the moment, there is no specific plan. Morrison suggested that it would be prudent to develop a plan and be ready since enrollment growth could happen quickly. Because of the long lead-time for school construction, it would make sense to be prepared, he said. If future enrollment does not require school expansion, then the plan would not be implemented.

The school committee needs to set the direction for the structure of the school, CSC member Cindy Nock said. Nock and Morrison, along with school administrators and a teacher, will be on the newly formed subcommittee.

A public hearing on the issue is scheduled for January 4.

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