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Friday, October 29, 1999


Article 5: Plan B to balance the operating budget

Town Meeting cannot appropriate funds from the town's free cash if the amount available has not yet been certified by the state department of revenue. Article 5 provides a contingency plan, reducing certain budgets to cover the deficit, to be moved only if free cash is unavailable or if voters do not approve Article 4.

The board of selectmen and finance committee have debated several configurations of reduction; one advocated by the FinCom would have reappropriated the entire amount ($100,000) approved for the conservation fund last spring and taken $90,000 from the reserve fund. At the urging of the selectmen, the FinCom has recommended transferring more ($115,000) from the reserve fund. (This would leave only $10,000 to cover "extraordinary" or "unforeseen" expenses until the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2000, unless additional funds are appropriated.) Only $60,000 would be transferred from the conservation fund, $10,000 from the police and $5,000 from the recreation commission budgets.

At their October 18 meeting, the FinCom refused to agree to the selectmen's request that the committee explain the plan to resolve the deficit at Town Meeting.

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