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Friday, October 22, 1999


Costello's ten-lot plan approved

Developer Bill Costello returned to the planning board on October 12 for a review of his preliminary subdivision plan for Carriage Way, located at 314 East Riding Drive. Costello proposes to build seven houses (plus two existing) on a cul-de-sac and provide the town with a tenth lot suitable for building. The town owns a previously inaccessible 2.43-acre lot and Costello is offering to donate a 1.75-acre parcel to create a buildable four-acre porkchop lot. Joe March of Stamski and McNary presented a revised map of the subdivision with hopes that the latest preliminary plan would "alleviate some concerns."

March opened by proposing that the subdivision road be widened to 20 feet with a 50-foot right of way, thus eliminating one of the requested waivers. "This could be accepted as a town way," said March. He was also able to pull back the cul-de-sac so that it's now 40 feet from the wetland and only 60 feet into the buffer zone instead of 80. The road was shortened by four feet, giving Carriage Way an overall length of 1,086 feet. Planning administrator George Mansfield explained that town engineer Judith Nitsch Inc. has not yet reviewed the new plan, but this does not preclude the board from taking action, tonight.

Lauren Schmitt of Audubon Lane still had some misgivings about the "free" lot that Costello is offering the town. "Do we know we're getting a buildable lot?" she asked. March admitted that nothing is certain, but the gravel soil and elevation indicate that the lot is buildable. "To guarantee any lot, you'd need to get a board of health and ConsCom permit and a well drilled," he opined. Several other nits were picked to the board's satisfaction and now it was time to act.

Member Michael Epstein moved that the board approve the Carriage Way preliminary subdivision plan with waivers. Furthermore, approval is conditioned upon:

· Discussion of sidewalks or the possibility of money being placed in Carlisle Pathway Trust.

· Width of shoulders (related to sidewalk decision).

· Quantity and location of fire cisterns.

· Voluntary conveyance to town, of parcels X2 and X3.

The motion passed by a unanimous vote of 6-0.

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