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Friday, October 22, 1999


West Street plans and land purchase before planning board

Chris Fleming made his bi-monthly pilgrimage to the planning board for a continued public hearing on his plans for a conservation cluster and common driveway to serve five lots at High Woods located at 662 West Street. Unfortunately, his latest changes and drainage calculations were submitted too late for review by town engineer Dale MacKinnon of Earthtech so the hearing was continued once again to October 25.

The board did take the opportunity on October 12 to act on Chapter 61A removal. Fleming requested on September 1 that 9.3 acres be removed from 61A tax shelter, giving the town of Carlisle 120 days for first refusal to purchase the land. The planning board can't approve the preliminary plans until the town exercises its first right of refusal and the selectmen have requested a planning board recommendation before they act.

Member Michael Abend observed that the proposed conservation cluster will provide land protection at no cost to the town, thus obviating the need to purchase. This didn't satisfy Marge Getchell of West Street who asked, "What if the conservation cluster falls through?" All eyes turned to Fleming to hear his asking price for the 61A land if the town decides to purchase. "One million dollars," declared Fleming.

After a short period of silence, Abend prompted the board for its obvious conclusion. "From a practical standpoint, is it a good use of town funds?" he asked. "No," responded the board members, and on a vote of 4-0 authorized a memo to the selectmen stating that they are not in favor of exercising the option.

Open Space Plan

Residents Susan Emmons and Betsy Fell stopped by the Town Hall to discuss proposed revisions to the Carlisle Open Space and Recreation Plan. This was last revised in September, 1994 and they are working on the update. Fell asked members for input on where they would like to see the town in three to five years from a planning board perspective. Some items were updated and others added, much to the satisfaction of Emmons and Fell.

RecCom request

Carol Peters and Maureen Tarca of the recreation commission also appeared before the board to discuss long-term planning. "We ask that you consider recreation when you deal with land development," requested Peters. Member Michael Epstein suggested that RecCom get on the selectmen's list for review of land being taken out of Chapter 61A. Another possibility is to take advantage of Article III Section 1E of the Rules and Regulations, which requires subdivision plans to show open spaces for a park suitably located for playground or recreation purposes. This generally consists of not less than five percent of the land to be subdivided, with a minimum of three acres set aside. The planning board has the authority to require that no building be erected on such open space for a period of three yearsenough time for RecCom to respond for future recreational use.

The next meeting of the planning board is scheduled for October 25.

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