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Friday, October 15, 1999


Student numbers are growing at Carlisle School

As of October 1999, there are 787 students enrolled in the Carlisle Public School. There are 775 students on campus and 12 additional students are receiving pre-school services or at outside placements. There is also a Concord Area Special Education (C.A.S.E.) class of ten students housed on campus. Over the summer, 23 students moved out of town, three of whom had attended private school. Forty-two children moved into town and another four children who had been enrolled in private schools chose to attend the Carlisle School. In June, 83 students graduated and there are 94 presently attending kindergarten. As a comparison, in October 1998 there were 740 students enrolled in the school with 16 students receiving preschool services or at outside placements.

At the October 5 school committee meeting, Carlisle Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said it is hard to predict, but there seems to be an overall rise in the numbers of students.

Other news

In other news, the committee heard that 400 children from surrounding towns participated in the middle school cross-country meet at Great Brook Farm.

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