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Friday, October 15, 1999


A look at last year's budget recap

On October 5, the Carlisle School Committee heard how the dollars had been distributed in last year's budget, including how the per pupil expenditure fared in relation to the state's foundation requirement.

A key figure of the FY99 Carlisle School budget was the $5.1 million total which meant that the per pupil expenditure equalled $6,936. Business manager Eileen Riley completed the FY99 end-of-the-year report for the Massachusetts Department of Education. The Massachusetts foundation budget requires $5,561 spending per public school child and $19,168 per special education child.

In FY99, the school spent $8,164 on legal bills, $260,315 on the bus contract, $118,098 on tuition outside placements, $93,671 for Concord Area Special Education (C.A.S.E) tuitions, $261,620 on administrative salaries and $2,342,597 on teachers' salaries. Special education expenditures included $100,610 for professional salaries, $623,351 for teaching salaries, $170,415 for other salaries, such as aides, $61,854 for guidance counselor salaries and $34,542 for the psychologist. Also in the special education department, $77,104 was spent for transportation services.

Other funds necessary for school activities are held in a revolving account for non-budget activities. This account's receipts were $549,436 and expenditures were $510,506. It includes monies from the Waters Foundation Grant, the Carlisle School Association, the Carlisle Education Foundation, school facility use fees, athletic fees, the seventh grade play, vandalism, lost books, and tuitions for music lessons. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said the school receives $230,000 in grants which greatly support the school budget. It received $100,497 in federal and state governmental grants which supported professional development, drug-free schools, technology, and special education. Another $88,500 were received by the school from the Waters Foundation Grant for the enhancement of the technology programs. Fox-Melanson noted that parents spend roughly $350,000 for extra school programs. The school lunch program had a $1,909 dollar deficit.

The FY00 budget of $ 5,771,419 seems to be on target for the school year, according to Riley.

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