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Friday, October 8, 1999


The relationship between Antony, France and Lexington, Massachusetts began about 20 years ago as a student exchange program and more recently when they became sister cities. Therefore, it came as no surprise when the Lexington Minutemen received an invitation to accompany some of their town dignitaries to Antony to be present at the renaming of a traffic circle ...more

Growing up, I thought coyotes were part of the "wild west," and fishers were part of the "wild northland," but both are now living in Carlisle. Unlike coyotes, fishers (Martes pennanti,) were part of the New England ecology centuries ago. But by the 1800s, loss of forest habitat and trapping had contributed to their disappearance ...more

The following is the eighth in a series of occasional articles designed to introduce residents, new as well as longtime, to the individuals who keep Carlisle running smoothly —our town officials. ...more

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