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Friday, October 8, 1999


John Hanson Mitchell visits Carlisle's fifth grade

Did you know that wooly mammoths probably once walked right across the school grounds? Don't worrythey didn't disrupt recess because the last of those creatures disappeared about 11,000 years ago.

That is just one of many interesting stories John Hanson Mitchell shared with fifth-grade students during his visit to Carlisle on Monday, October 4. Mitchell is a noted author and environmentalist who edits the Massachusetts Audubon Society magazine, Sanctuary.

The students had many questions for the author, and he entertained and educated them with tales of the natural and human history of Carlisle and the surrounding area. The classes were well prepared. They had read excerpts from Ceremonial Time, one of several books written by Mitchell. Along with their teachers and volunteers, students had traveled to the Conant Land the previous week to gather material for terrariums and study the local ecology. The fifth-grade ecosystems unit also includes nature writing and reading, so Mitchell's visit was especially meaningful.

Alan Ticotsky is the Carlisle School systems mentor.

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