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Friday, October 8, 1999


Planning board approves ten-lot Great Brook Estates plan

No sooner had the planning board meeting begun than chair Bill Tice cleared the room for a one-hour executive session. Two festering lawsuits about new construction at Hunters Run and on Berry Corner Lane were the reasons given. Once the September 27 meeting got underway, all the old familiar faces returned to plead their cases once again before the planning board.

The board continued a review of Great Brook Estates, a 43-acre subdivision extending from 195 Rutland Street to 120 Pine Brook Road. This is an application by Albert Gould and Betsy Goldenberg for a 12-lot development consisting of a 1,000-foot cul-de-sac (Great Brook Path) off Rutland Street and separate common driveway serving three houses off Pine Brook. Fire chief Bob Koning had earlier recommended that two fire cisterns of 20,000 gallons each be located along Great Brook Path. Koning also observed that there are ten existing homes on Pine Brook Road and the proposed development will add three more, with the furthest 1,200 feet from the public way, thus requiring another fire cistern. Gary Shepard of David Ross Associates was happy to report that the latest preliminary subdivision plan contains the three 20,000-gallon cisterns that Koning requested.

"Otherwise, the plan is the same as before," said Shepard. He narrowed the focus of the review by requesting that the board only consider the ten-lot subdivision with cul-de-sac off Rutland Street, at this time. The Pine Brook definitive plan will be presented at a later meeting, after which comes the Rutland Street definitive plan, and finally the overall conservation cluster. Gould confirmed that "the only thing we are asking for tonight is preliminary approval of a ten-lot subdivision, including an existing dwelling known as the May house."


Kristine Bergentheim of the bike/pedestrian safety committee immediately requested that sidewalks be included in the subdivision plans. Great Brook Farm State Park supervisor Ray Faucher asked the board to ensure that the existing path through Lots 4 and 5 be protected with easements. "This creates a large loop for hikers in the state park." Abutter Chris Puffer of Rutland Street made it clear that she is not pleased with the new development. "Keep the road far away from my house and vernal pond," she pleaded. "Our house is the first May house and faces the 'Path.' I'm not happy!" Member Michael Abend suggested that the developers shield the Puffer house from the new roadway with appropriate vegetation.

When there was no further discussion, Abend made a motion to approve the preliminary plan for Great Brook Estates with the following conditions: public access be provided from the end of the cul-de-sac to Great Brook Farm State Park. Easement be provided through Lots 4 and 5 for existing state park trail. Preliminary plan approval is basis for a conservation cluster in the future. Intersection of Rutland Street and Great Brook Path is evaluated to improve safety. Existing driveway is replanted to shield Puffer house from new roadway. Discussion with the conservation commission should occur about the effect of a sidewalk on the wetlands. Approval is only for the current subdivision plan of Great Brook Estates. The board voted 5-0 to approve the preliminary plan, as stated.

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