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Friday, October 1, 1999


Relief may be on the way for residents who have been dissatisfied with the quality and extent of the cable service provided to the town by Cablevision. ...more

On an afternoon in late August, in broad daylight, our Cairn terrier Malcolm was attacked by a coyote in our backyard on Curve Street. He and his brother MacGregor had just been let out for their usual quick trip to the bush. Within minutes, when we called them back, MacGregor was on the doorstep, but Malcolm was in a wooded area about 25 feet from the house ...more

Although fall sports have just begun, the Carlisle Recreation Commission is already thinking about a new plan for winter activity. ...more

One of the less glamorous jobs for members of the recreation commission is visiting neighboring towns to check out composting toilets. Restroom facilities may be an expensive, but necessary, addition to the new ballfields as discussed at the September 20 RecCom meeting. ...more

Should the town legitimize an antique road as a modern public way? That million-dollar question continues to plague the Carlisle Conservation Commission. ...more

A permit snafu (failing to record within 60 days) meant that Bruce Wheeler of LandWest, Inc. had to repeat the entire process of giving public notice, sending certified letters to abutters, and holding a public hearing before a special permit could be granted for the Buttrick Woods common driveway. No building permits can be issued for construction on any ...more

Proclaiming, "I'm here to make your life easier as town officials," town counsel Paul DeRensis began a seminar September 23 to sensitize those who work for the town to issues of law, decorum and courtesy in performing their public roles. Approximately 15 officials attended the meeting. ...more

The Carlisle School administrators and teachers had a busy summer and the results of their efforts will be apparent in classrooms throughout the school. At the Carlisle School Committee meeting on September 21, principal Andy Goyer reported that 52 teachers had participated in a variety of approved workshops. ...more

The Carlisle School Council and an interested parent were in the audience at the school committee meeting on September 21. Council members Pam Blair, co-chair of the school council with Principal Andy Goyer, and parents Christy Barbee, Kathryn Dennison, and Brooke Cragan as well as community member Wendell Sykes were available to explain the report. Members ...more

The Carlisle School administration brought three policies to the school committee and members adopted all three. ...more

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