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Friday, October 1, 1999


School committee okays three policies including sexual harassment

The Carlisle School administration brought three policies to the school committee and members adopted all three.

After discussion at a number of previous school committee meetings, the committee voted to rescind the Sexual Harassment Policy dated January 5, 1993 and adopt in its stead the proposed Sexual Harassment Policy dated September 21, 1999. According to superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson, this policy has been written under the advisement of legal counsel. It states: "It is the policy of the Carlisle Public School District that all students should be able to attend school and participate in a learning environment which is free of any kind of sexual harassment." The policy provides a definition of sexual harassment, examples of sexual harassing conduct and a procedure for filing a complaint Examples of possible resolutions and other resources are also included. The same considerations for employees to have the right to work in an environment free from sexual harassment are included in the policy.

Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said that every school parent will receive a copy of the policy before it is given to the students. Member Nock commented, "Legally, we are bound to present this policy to every parent." She suggested the school make use of the cover letter to provide suggestions for age-appropriate explanations to the children. The parents of students in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten will receive a copy of the policy in their enrollment packet and will be asked to review it with their child or children.

Classroom teachers and health educators will review the policy with students in Grade 1 through 8 as part of the planned curriculum. Nock said she hoped that teachers would use age-appropriate examples and information in the classroom.

At the September 21 meeting, the Carlisle School Committee also voted to rescind the Equal Employment Policy dated December 1991 and adopted the proposed Equal Employment Opportunity Statement dated September 1999. Lastly, they voted to rescind the Equal Educational Opportunity Policy dated December 1991 and adopted the proposed Equal Educational Opportunity Policy dated September 1999. Both these policies were revised to conform with current state and federal laws and regulations.

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