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Friday, October 1, 1999


Planning board permits work on Buttrick Woods to resume

A permit snafu (failing to record within 60 days) meant that Bruce Wheeler of LandWest, Inc. had to repeat the entire process of giving public notice, sending certified letters to abutters, and holding a public hearing before a special permit could be granted for the Buttrick Woods common driveway. No building permits can be issued for construction on any of the lots served by the common driveway until the permit is recorded at the Registry of Deeds. Wheeler dutifully appeared before the board on September 13 to go through the motions once again to make it official.

The public hearing gave the planning board an opportunity to evaluate the progress of the conservation cluster. Town engineer Dale MacKinnon of EarthTech inspected the site and reported on the drainage work accomplished to date. After a recent heavy rain, MacKinnon found that the detention basin operated correctly. He recommended that the detention basin and other slopes and graded areas be seeded as soon as possible. MacKinnon said he believed that the contractor adequately prepared the sub-grade for the common driveway and the gravel is a satisfactory material.

Board members were aware of residents' concerns about the number of trees removed, especially in the area around the detention basin. This was deemed to be in accordance with the plans and the board expects that fears will dissipate once the landscaping is complete. The board voted 5-0 to grant another special permit for the Buttrick Woods common driveway.

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