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Friday, October 1, 1999

Save what's left of the Conant Land

To the Editor:

Rape! Yes, rape of the Conant Land, that is what we will all be guilty of if we allow the continued development of the Conant Land. It cannot take any more. All that is left is wetland, buffer zones, boulders and ledge.

The affordable housing committee is continuing forward with its proposed building of 5-7 home units on a very small piece of compromised land encroaching upon wetland buffer zones and residential wells. The site being proposed is next to the fire station at the beginning of Rockland Road.

Do you realize the consequences?

1. The site preparation alone will be astronomical, with the possibility of blasting ledge and removing rock.

2. The buildings are proposed to be built on the 100' buffer zone of wetland. There will be 5-7 home units of septic waste being pumped into the ground and leaching into the surrounding areas.

3. There is a proposed parking lot of at least 14 spaces to accommodate the buildings. With this kind of traffic, they may have to widen the road and what about a traffic light, when one considers the impact on an already busy Route 225 in the center?

Is this really what we want? Is this destruction of Conant Land and the center of town the legacy we want to leave the Town of Carlisle?

In the 19 years that I have lived in Carlisle, I have seen a police station, a fire station and a new Town Hall, all built on the Conant Land. Please help me save the little natural beauty that is left to the center of Carlisle.

Christina Murphy
Rockland Road

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