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Friday, September 24, 1999


Bumps remain in Tall Pines curbing dispute

After receiving a petition from 12 residents, planning board chair Bill Tice requested at the last meeting that town engineer Landtech Consultants, Inc. inspect the sloped granite curbing in the Tall Pines subdivision. Landtech's Mark Sleger reported at the September 13 meeting that the size of the granite curbing was approximately 3.5 inches by 12 inches and was installed in accordance with the approved plans. "The size of the curb sections is typical of sloped granite curbing," asserted Sleger. "The specification of 6 inches by 18 inches referred to in the August 2 letter from the residents is typical for vertical granite curb applications, not for sloped granite curb."

This silenced any further questions about the diminutive curbing, but David Freedman of Hutchins Road was still upset about the buildup of sand, dirt, and rocks along the road where no curbing is installed. Only about 70 percent of Hutchins Road and Kimball Road have curbing, which leaves some lots with partial curbing or no curbing at all. He wanted the Tall Pines definitive subdivision plan to be amended to require curbing all around.

Jane Pang Lin of Barnes Place did not want to be left out of the curbing concerns. Her cul-de-sac has only three lots, but was built to town standards as a public roadway. She recently dashed off a letter to the board in which she cited the "August 16 meeting briefing in the town newspaper Carlisle Mosquito" wherein curbing for only Hutchins and Kimball Roads is mentioned. She reminded the board that Barnes Place does exist and is part of the Tall Pines roadways. "I respectfully request that Barnes Place be included in the board's discussion whenever the Tall Pines subdivision is involved."

This put acting chair Michael Epstein in a quandary. The curbing has been installed according to plan on corners, along wetlands, and on three-percent grades. To amend an approved plan, a public hearing is necessary. Who pays the cost of notification and review and how can the rules change after the job is completed? "I would want town counsel's input on this," concluded Epstein. "Meanwhile, show the petition to [developer Bill] Costello and ask what he might do."

The next scheduled meeting of the planning board is September 27.

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