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Friday, September 24, 1999

Here we go again

To the Editor:

Here we go again, once more the town is faced with the question, do we build on the Conant Land? This time it is for the purpose of affordable housing, next year it will be for some other purpose and the following year it will be something else. Just because with enough contortions we can build on a piece of land does not mean we should do it or that it is right. At what point do we say no to the town officials and protect this parcel for future generations?

In 1974, the Town of Carlisle purchased the Conant Land for the purposes of police station, fire station, town offices, public works and public water supply. These purposes have been met with the exception of one: a public water supply. To ask Conant to absorb yet another purpose goes beyond the limit of what this piece of property can endure, especially since it is largely unbuildable anyway due to vast amounts of ledge and wetlands.

If the Conant Land were in private hands it would be a prime candidate for purchase as conservation land and all sorts of people would be fighting to save it. Isn't it ironic that the one treasure that remains in somewhat pristine condition in the center is being targeted for more development and by our own hands?

George Fardy
Rockland Road

Response to domestic violence

To the Editor:

As the leading cause of injury to women in the United States between the ages of 15 and 44, domestic violence continues to destroy families within our midst. Our local police department cites there were nine reported incidents of domestic violence in Carlisle in 1998. This year ten incidents have been reported so far.

A hopeful response to domestic violence in Carlisle is the newly formed Concord Carlisle Domestic Violence Action Team. The Concord-Carlisle Community Chest awarded funds to support citizen and community organizations to develop a collaborative community forum. The purpose of this forum is to devote its resources to addressing issues of domestic violence and relationship violence in Concord and Carlisle.

As a resident of Carlisle, I look forward to participating as a member of this round table. I am inviting anyone interested in learning more about this collaborative effort to join us at the kickoff event, to be held at the Thoreau Outdoor Center on Thursday, September 30 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Senator Susan Fargo will be joined by keynote speaker Jean Copeland Haertl, executive director of the governor's commission on domestic violence, who will speak on 'Domestic Violence: What You Don't Know Can Hurt Everybody." Refreshments are generously donated by Savoury Lane of Acton, Charcouterie in Sudbury, Crosby's Marketplace and Starbucks of Concord. We welcome your attendance.

Carol Lambert
Wolf Rock Road

Come to the Castle on October 2

To the Editor:

Please join my family at the fifth annual Concord-Carlisle Community Chest Day of Caring on Saturday morning, October 2. Lots of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have already signed up to help spread wood chips under the existing Carlisle Castle playground equipment. David Flannery at the school has ordered the mounds of chips and we need our neighbors to help make the playground a safer place to "land" when a young child slips off the monkey bars, or takes the slide quickly to the bottom.

Bring shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows and buckets. If we all pitch in, beginning at 9 a.m., then the light lunch provided by the Community Chest at the site will be a welcome close to a morning of community volunteerism.

To register for the morning, and to guarantee we have enough lunch, please call Barbara Howland at the Community Chest office, 369-5250.

Laurie Diercks
School Street
Site captain, Carlisle Castle

Boxtops update

To the Editor:

Have we bragged enough? Does everyone know that we raised $1,901 last year for Boxtops for Education. Thanks to everyone who has sent me boxtops during the summer (I take a break from cutting and counting, but never a break from collecting). The winning fourth and fifth-grade classes enjoyed their ice cream parties. The list of participation winners is in the boxtops display case.

Please send in your summer collections by October 1. Envelopes are available at Daisy's and the school office. Remember to send in 25 boxtops in a labeled envelope for this year's participation drawing. General Mills is making it a real challenge this year. All boxtops (unless they have a 15-cent number printed on them) will be worth 10 cents. We'll have to work harder this year, but with the dedication shown these last two years, I am not worried about our final total next year. Put up a collection envelope at your workplace, contact grandparents, aunts, etc. and watch for those General Mills products. Any questions, please call me at 287-4284 or e-mail Thanks.

Kathy Hassey
Fifty Acre Way

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