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Friday, September 17, 1999


The board of selectmen announced on September 9 that North Middlesex Savings Bank has accepted an offer from the town for the purchase of the former Saint Irene Church on Bedford Road. The $245,000 offer was made contingent on Town Meeting approval, a debt override, a 21E report and a Title 5 examination. The property will be acquired for general municipal ...more

Faced with worn and outdated elementary school buildings in Concord and the need for a new middle school, new Concord School Superintendent Ed Mavragis dropped what he called a "little bombshell" at a recent regional school committee meeting when he suggested the possibility of Concord and Carlisle sharing a middle school. A possible reorganization ...more

A controversy that has been simmering all summer boiled over at the September 9 Carlisle Conservation Commission meeting. At first glance a simple neighborhood dispute, that it has not been resolved allowed it to overflow into the channels of government and involve the selectmen, the Carlisle Police Department and now ConsCom. ...more

Some new data on the impact of garbage grinders has led the board of health to loosen local regulations, which will favorably impact particularly one-acre lots. ...more

Enjoying the annual end-of-summer doldrums, the Carlisle Conservation Commission was asked to consider only five Notices of Intent to build and Requests for Determination in its last two meetings. The slow pace left some welcome time for orienting the three new commission members, Thomas Brownrigg, Eric Jensen and Carolyn Kiely, to their regulatory responsibilities. ...more

The possibility of regionalizing the Concord and Carlisle Middle Schools had been discussed at some length last year at a joint meeting of the Carlisle and Concord school committees. At that time the Concord committee was not interested in pursuing the matter further. Now, however, the new Superintendent of the Concord Schools and Concord-Carlisle Regional ...more

To kick off the new school year, Concord School Superintendent Ed Mavragis held an opening ceremony on September 7, the day before students returned. The CCHS jazz band performed for the early morning gathering of teachers, school employees and community members. A theme of imparting good values to students and modeling ethical behavior was woven throughout ...more

A new policy at the Carlisle School will address the issue of sexual harassment of students by other students as well as by adults. Until now, the policy only referred to harassment between adults. The Carlisle School Committee discussed a draft of the policy at their September 7 meeting. ...more

The Carlisle School Council report for the 1998-99 school year was presented by Principal Andy Goyer. He and parent Pam Blair co-chaired the school council. The other members were parents Christy Barbee, Brooke Cragan and Kathryn Dennison, teachers Gerrie Madigan and Heather Swift, guidance counselor Lauren Scott, and community members Ron O'Reilly and Wendell ...more

The Carlisle School Committee started their first meeting of the new school year on September 7 with a tour of the buildings led by David Flannery, director of buildings and grounds. They saw the new art room in the former back-stage workshop area of the Corey Building. The room was spacious, clean and well lit, although lacking natural light. The art workbenches ...more

As a result of numerous concerns over the past several years relative to unwanted door-to-door solicitors, the police department has recently implemented a program aimed at curbing this activity. Any resident who wishes to be on a list of those persons who do not want to be solicited in person can do so by simply filling out a form at the police department. ...more

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