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Friday, September 17, 1999


The Carlisle Mosquito thanks these teachers for writing the following biographies during their first and very busy weeks of school. Thanks, too, for the school administrative team's assistance. ...more

Today it is difficult to imagine life without electricity. When ice storms cause power outages, we bring out our battery operated flashlights and lanterns, perhaps fire up a gas-powered generator and light whatever candles we have on hand to illuminate our homes. We might even say the low light provides a certain romantic ambience, but are usually quite pleased ...more

The eighth-grade reunion for Carlisle classmates, teachers, and parents of students in the class of '79, was held on Saturday, September 11, at the Carlisle School and later in the evening at Heather Behn Hedden's home on East Riding Drive. This was a grand get-together for the young people who grew up together and attended the Carlisle School in the 1970s. ...more

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