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Friday, September 17, 1999


CSC gears up, hears testing data

The Carlisle School Committee started their first meeting of the new school year on September 7 with a tour of the buildings led by David Flannery, director of buildings and grounds. They saw the new art room in the former back-stage workshop area of the Corey Building. The room was spacious, clean and well lit, although lacking natural light. The art workbenches and all of the art supplies were set up and ready to go.

Perhaps the highlight of the tour was the trip into the underbelly of the school, to see the new water storage tank that was installed over the summer to replace a leaking tank. Also, areas that had been painted during the summer were pointed out and admired by the school committee members.

New plans for the state

Getting down to regular business, Principal Andy Goyer presented the new State Department of Education's proposed school and district accountability system. This is part of the education reform law, and lays out how the state will be using the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment scores to rate school performance. Schools that perform well and show improvement will be recognized for their progress. Schools that perform poorly, but show significant improvement, will also be recognized and may receive additional state assistance. Schools that performed poorly and are not showing improvement may be subject to state intervention.

Also some schools that show significant improvement may be asked to be "exemplary schools" and to share their successful educational practices and programs with other schools that need help. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said that she doesn't know whether Carlisle will be chosen, but she looks forward to sharing information with other school districts so that we can learn from them as well as they learning from us.

While on the subject of MCAS, Fox-Melanson noted that individual test results from the spring1999 MCAS tests are expected in late November.

Iowa shows Carlisle tops

Carlisle third graders had the highest overall score in the state on the spring 1999 Iowa reading test, scoring in the 91st percentile in the reading total. Goyer proudly told the CSC that Carlisle was the only district in Massachusetts to score over the 90th percentile. All third graders in Massachusetts were required to take the test.

The scores are also recorded as advanced reader, proficient reader, basic reader, and pre-reader. Of the 95 students who took the test, 66 were advanced readers, 28 were proficient readers, and one was a basic reader.

Other business

· First grade teacher Jennifer Davis resigned in mid-August and was replaced by reading specialist Sue LaPorte. LaPorte will be a classroom teacher this year and then return to being the reading specialist next year, Fox-Melanson said. A new reading specialist will be hired for this year.

· The school will be requesting another extension of their septic system permit from the board of health as the litigation surrounding the proposed site for a new school septic system continues.

· A contract for waste removal has been awarded to the low bidder, Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI). Only one other company, Waste Management, bid on the job.

· The school committee accepted gifts of computer equipment and software from seven generous donors.

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