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Friday, September 17, 1999


Carlisle revises harassment policy

A new policy at the Carlisle School will address the issue of sexual harassment of students by other students as well as by adults. Until now, the policy only referred to harassment between adults. The Carlisle School Committee discussed a draft of the policy at their September 7 meeting.

The policy establishes a complaint procedure for students to use if they feel they have been sexually harassed. It also attempts to define sexual harassment in a way that is understandable to students and parents. The policy, which is being adapted from one which was developed for a high school, needs to have a list of explicit examples of sexually harassing conduct modified to be age-appropriate for elementary and middle school students.

The school committee agreed that three levels of lists need to be developed, for lower elementary, upper elementary and middle school. Chair David Dockterman asked that the policy be adopted without any lists for now, with the understanding that the age-appropriate examples will be added later.

After the final draft is approved by the committee, the new policy will be distributed to parents and incorporated into the student handbook. Students will also review the policy in class as part of the curriculum. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson assured school committee members that this would be done in an age-appropriate way. Teachers were scheduled to have training about the new policy on September 14.

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