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Friday, September 17, 1999

The board of selectmen announced on September 9 that North Middlesex Savings Bank has accepted an offer from the town for the purchase of the former Saint Irene Church on Bedford Road. The $245,000 offer was made contingent on Town Meeting approval, a debt override, a 21E report and a Title 5 examination. The property will be acquired for general municipal ...more

Faced with worn and outdated elementary school buildings in Concord and the need for a new middle school, new Concord School Superintendent Ed Mavragis dropped what he called a "little bombshell" at a recent regional school committee meeting when he suggested the possibility of Concord and Carlisle sharing a middle school. A possible reorganization ...more

A controversy that has been simmering all summer boiled over at the September 9 Carlisle Conservation Commission meeting. At first glance a simple neighborhood dispute, that it has not been resolved allowed it to overflow into the channels of government and involve the selectmen, the Carlisle Police Department and now ConsCom. ...more

Some new data on the impact of garbage grinders has led the board of health to loosen local regulations, which will favorably impact particularly one-acre lots. ...more

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