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Friday, September 3, 1999


Banta-Davis fields construction back on track

Like an old Timex watch, the recreation commission may take a licking but it keeps on ticking. Within days of a report to the board of selectmen that construction on the Banta-Davis playing fields had virtually come to a standstill due to differences with the contractor, Littleton Environmental Services, Inc. (LES), an agreement was reached. LES will complete the project by September 30 in accordance with the plans and specifications in the contract, reported RecCom chair Carol Peters.

At the August 24 selectmen's meeting, board chair Doug Stevenson reported that he and selectman Michael Fitzgerald, along with members of the RecCom and civil engineer Bob Stone, walked through the site with representatives of LES. The result of that visit was that LES agreed to complete the contract in accordance with the original plans and specifications and, further, that there are no verbal agreements ostensibly changing the terms of the contract. "We have come full circle," said Stone.

RecCom member Maureen Tarca commended Stevenson and Fitzgerald for responding promptly to the crisis. Tarca said that the selectmen's presence was instrumental in resolving the problems. Stevenson noted that there has been a great deal more activity on this project in the last two weeks than in the last four or five months.

Specifically, Stone indicated that the entrance at Bedford Road is being redone, certain large boulders were removed from traffic islands and the soccer field is being regraded. Peters also reported that town engineers Stamski and McNary are measuring the amount of loam on site to determine if any had been removed. RecCom members appeared satisfied with this result.

New clerk of works

Also at the August 24 meeting, clerk of the works Bob Hall submitted his resignation, which was accepted by the selectmen. At the recommendation of the RecCom, Stone was appointed as the new clerk of the works on the conditions that he serve without compensation and that his wife, Lorraine Stone who is a member of the RecCom, file the required conflict of interest statement with the town clerk. As to his qualifications, Stone stated that he is a civil engineer who has worked in public construction as a contractor for 20 years. He also is a former member of the town building committee.

Money questions persist

Stone said that the project will be concurrently running on two tracks. While construction is being completed in the field, the parties will be working out administrative details of how much money is still owed upon completion. According to town administrator David DeManche, the town and LES are $14,000 apart in how much is owed to date, the difference primarily due to blasting expenses. Stone added, however, that the project will be completed 120 days after the scheduled completion date, which under the contract means damages of $250 per day. "As we get down to the end, the RecCom will make a recommendation about whether and how much [LES] should be paid," said Stone.

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