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Friday, September 3, 1999


News briefs from the selectmen

Good news from NESWC

Town administrator David DeManche reported that the FY99 capital supplemental budget signed by Governor Paul Cellucci on August 12 included a $3 million payment to the Northeast Solid Waste Committee (NESWC) communities. Carlisle's share of the allocation is $28,557. DeManche said it is not clear when the transfer of funds will actually occur.

Personnel raises criticized

After reviewing spread-sheet data showing that all town departments handed out four-percent raises to their employees (with the exception of certain part-time or temporary staff), the selectmen voted to approve four-percent raises for the building and fire departments.

Selectman Michael Fitzgerald stated, however, that the pay raise system set up in the course of budget hearings this spring had "died abysmally" and had been "abused" by department heads. Fitzgerald said that the salary guideline of three percent was supposed to be followed with an additional one-percent raise for meritorious service. The four-percent raise was not intended to be given across the board. Selectmen concluded that more guidelines must be given next year and the new financial team should discuss the basis for future wage increases.

Town counsel reappointed

Selectmen formally reappointed new town counsel Deutsch Williams Brooks DeRensis Holland & Drachman, P.C. to serve until June 30, 2000. Reviews of the counsel's work by various town officials raised some questions, however, about timeliness and costs. Selectman chair Doug Stevenson agreed to work with Michael Epstein and Wayne Davis, who also served on the search team, to draw up a report card clearly noting the pros and cons of the legal work so far.

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