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Friday, September 3, 1999


Funny things at the Gleason Library

Funny things do happen when you read. This proved to be true for the 140 Carlisle children who participated in the Gleason Library Summer Reading Program. The program, supervised by children's librarian Marty Seneta, also included two story times for pre-schoolers and a special evening toddler story time conducted by Shirley Pearlman. Kay Edelberg led the imaginative craft workshops and created the juggler mural that decorated the library circulation desk.

Thanks to the financial support of the Friends of the Gleason Library, the library was able to "kick-off" the program with Alexander, the King of the Jesters. Alexander portrayed a medieval court jester and delighted children and parents alike with his hilarious antics. The Friends also provided the funds for the refreshments and the book prizes awarded at the final reading club parties.

Storyteller Alicia Quintano told tales drawn from cultures as far away as Africa and Japan. Performer Davis Bates involved the audience in his tales and participatory songs. Both performances were funded by the Carlisle Cultural Council.

Reading, of course, was the most important part of the program. The juggler mural that decorated the circulation desk was covered with balls. Each ball represented a book read by (or to) a Carlisle child. Parties for the participants were held the last week of the program and included relays and a three-legged race for grades one and two. Third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders participated in a "Silly Olympics." The forty-six first and second graders included: Gabriel Rocco, Evan Scarlett, Sydney Callahan, Megan Allison, David Rayson, Katie Mills, Tyler Struss, Ian Bloomfield, Rachel Dumka, Amanda Sargent, John Gillies, Eric DeBruzzi, Alexander Sayde, Annie King, Lucy King, Hilary Cook, Lindsey Cook, Alex Knobel, Emma Young, Rachel Mathew, Amanda Pease, Jennifer White, Adrian White, Jennifer Perugini, Derek Lamoreaux, Conor Walsh, Georgia Guttadauro, Adam Koski, Cameron McGrory, Abby Ostrum, Nick Stoico, Alex Horvath, Lili Boxer, Charlie French, William French, Dixie Morrison, Alexander Kinmouth, Rebecca Shenton, Ben Parson, Katelyn Colman, Kathleen Orlando, Daniel Golson, Alex Moskowitz, Timothy Lamere, Nikita Singhal and Ruthie Wittenberg

Third- and fourth-grade readers included: Lauren Means, Benjamin Verrill, Owen Callahan, David Dawson, Genevieve Carmichael, Andrea Fine, Philip Dumka, Charlotte Sargent ,Jenna Gillies, Lena Shubina, Matthew Cheever, Sarah Mathew, Elise Lamoreaux, Mollie DeGuglielmo, Joseph Davin, Matthew Koski,Andrew McGrory, Martin Spears, Miranda Morrison, Henry Carr, Siobhan Galligan, Joey Childs, Sam Petrie, Sarah Ganek, Katrina Puffer, Brooke Carpenter, Erin Hassey, Bradley Bero and Samantha Dweck.Third-grader Genevieve Carmichael and fourth-grader Jenna Gillies received special recognition for reading the most pages.

Fourth- and fifth-grade participants included Evan Tierney, Julian Allison, Laura Scholten, Sarah Khederian, Billy Mills, Lisa DeBruzzi, Kirill Shubin, Emily Yu, Ann Marie Bilotta, Zander Pease, Kathleen Walsh, Kelly Davin, Tess Guttadauro, Meredith Popolo, Diane Lee, Alex Ostrum,Evan Carpenito, Robert Dolens, Ariel Morrison, Tim Galligan, Patrick Brennan, Jess Petrie, Lauren Lamere, Andy Brown, Prijanka Singhal, Jared Higgins, Sean Hassey, and Jacob Dweck. Fifth-grader Billy Mills and sixth grader Laura Scholten received special recognition for reading the most pages.

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