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Friday, August 27, 1999


Agent Linda Fantasia reported the first adult case of Lyme disease in Carlisle at the August 10 meeting of the Carlisle Board of Health. Two children in town had previously contracted the disease. Fantasia has fielded a wide variety of inquiries in the past few weeks since the July 16 Mosquito issue that publicized the earliest cases. The deer tick, the common ...more

The board of selectmen were faced with a difficult decision in early August when town administrator David DeManche told chair Doug Stevenson that he was thinking of leaving. On August 3, in executive session, the board discussed possible alternatives, and on August 12 town employees were told that DeManche would be taking a temporary part-time leave of absence. ...more

On August 18, the town received in writing the Commonwealth's approval of a six-month moratorium on the construction of cellular communication towers. Last May, Town Meeting voters clearly endorsed the moratorium which would allow time for revisions to the cellular communications zoning bylaw but recent probing by the state attorney general's office made local ...more

While not as scandalous as chartering a party boat at taxpayer expense, Massport's recent approval of Shuttle America's plan to operate a commuter airline at Hanscom Field has generated its share of controversy, according to Wayne Davis, Carlisle's representative to the Hanscom Field Advisory Commission (HFAC). ...more

The Carlisle Community Center is an experiment in online community being conducted by Lotus Development Corporation of Cambridge. Dr. John Patterson of Lotus Research has teamed up with Dr. Lee Sproull of New York University to learn what a community needs from a community web site. The result is a web site for Carlisle that permits people to share information ...more

The conservation commission completed a detailed and ambitious request for proposals (RFP) for lease of the Greenough house, barn and adjacent agricultural land on August 22. Lease of the property was authorized at the May 11 Town Meeting. The RFP will be issued officially following a final check by the vacationing town counsel. However, it has already received ...more

During the lengthy discussions on the Berry Corner Lane litigation, it was brought to the planning board's attention that the town is presently providing snow plowing services to this private lane. Statements made during these discussions also revealed that Berry Corner Lane may not be the only private way in town that is currently being plowed by the department ...more

Bruce Wheeler of LandWest, Inc. claims that the developers of Buttrick Woods on Concord Street never received the official common driveway special permit from the planning board. That was the reason it was not recorded with the Middlesex North District Registry of Deeds within 60 days. Planning administrator George Mansfield claims that both the conservation ...more

The board of selectmen have handed a millenium-sized assignment to the recently appointed wireless communications advisory committee. At least so it sounded to those listening to an account of the group's ongoing activities at the August 5 Carlisle Conservation Commission meeting. ...more

Those legal technicalities will get you every time, as several disappointed applicants discovered at the August 16 meeting of the planning board. ...more

Scrounging around for just the right amount of lunch money has long been an early morning rite for parents, and this year they're going to have to find a few more coins. ...more

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