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Friday, August 27, 1999


Permit snafu halts Buttrick Woods

Bruce Wheeler of LandWest, Inc. claims that the developers of Buttrick Woods on Concord Street never received the official common driveway special permit from the planning board. That was the reason it was not recorded with the Middlesex North District Registry of Deeds within 60 days. Planning administrator George Mansfield claims that both the conservation cluster special permit and common driveway special permit were sent in the same envelope to LandWest on March 26, 1999, and he has the certified mail green card to prove it. Wheeler says the envelope contained only the conservation cluster special permit.

The net result of this confusion is that no building permits can be issued for construction on any of the lots served by the common driveway in Buttrick Woods until the permit is recorded at the Registry of Deeds. Worse yet, because it was not recorded within 60 days, the common driveway special permit has lapsed. Does this mean that the entire process of public notice, certified letter to abutters, public hearing, and granting of a new special permit must be repeated? "Yes," said Mansfield as he added LandWest to the September 13 planning board meeting schedule.

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