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Friday, August 13, 1999


Hiring complete at Carlisle School

On August 4, the school committee had the opportunity to meet the newest member of the Carlisle School's administrative team. Terry Farwell was hired full-time to fill the new assistant principal position and act as team leader for special education meetings. Farwell is one of a number of new faces that will be on campus when the doors open in September.

Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson informed the committee of the most recently hired new staff: Lynne Berube for physical education; Sharon Bortz, part-time for grade 8 math; Miriam Chandler and Shawna Horgan for kindergarten; Lori Jackson for elementary guidance; Jennifer Johnson for elementary special education; Catherine Pringle, part-time, for music. The school accepted resignations from elementary special educator Amber Rice and part-time middle school math teacher Cynthia Muiznieks.

Good news on budget

With all of the hiring complete, school business manager Eileen Riley reported that the FY00 budget could be realigned although there were no significant changes to the budget voted at Town Meeting. Fortunately, the additional elementary bus run can be funded under the budgeted sum. Riley was also pleased to announce that when the FY99 books closed on June 30, "due to good fortune and Linda [Stapp's] good management of student services," the school returned $641 to the town.

Speaking of success with special students, Fox-Melanson acknowledged the receipt of a child-size picnic table which was a thank-you gift from parents of students who attended the new pre-school program. She relayed the comment from a parent who said, "I don't know how the program could have been better."

School building

Member Suzanne Whitney Smith was appointed to the school building committee. Officials are still unable to proceed with the proposed septic system repair. Abutters Timothy and Phyllis Landers have until August 15 to file their brief on their current suit and reportedly have requested an extension. Riley said they conveyed the message to the attorney general's office that another extension would put the school past the fall septic system construction season. Riley will attempt to determine a maximum potential timeline.

As for future expansion, the building committee is investigating whether the hillside between the gym and Spalding Field might qualify as a possible site under the restrictions imposed by the state School Building Assistance Bureau.

Action for teens

Member Cindy Nock reported that a local action group for teens is focusing on the issue of suicide and depression, considering publication of an informative booklet about "red flag" warning signs. However, Nock said the high school students she spoke with were not very positive about more hand-outs but did request more time to speak with teachers outside of the classroom setting. This was an idea she suggested might be taken into consideration in the future at the high school. She added that CCHS officials felt they have a pretty good system for tracking students with emotional difficulties and had always been able to successfully intervene.

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