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Friday, August 13, 1999

"Everyone out of the boat! .... One, two, three, heave!" called out our captain, Chauncey Hutter from Charlottesville, Virginia. All 11 of us slid over the sides, planted our feet on the uneven rocks at the bottom of the warm James River, grabbed hold of the gunwales and heaved a couple of tons of soggy wooden boat off the rock that had hung us up. ...more

The hot, dry summer may be causing winemakers to predict that '99 will be a very good year, but local farmers are not raising a toast to the weather. "With 115 acres in corn," said farmer Mark Duffy, " I'd like it to rain." ...more

A deal's a deal, insisted members of the recreation commission as they urged the selectmen on August 3 to invoke the liquidated damages clause in the construction contract for the Banta-Davis playing fields for failure to complete the contract by July 5. RecCom director Carol Peters alleged that changes made by the contractor in the quality and scope of work ...more

If you're the type who gets anxious about bicycle riders on the road or long lines at Kimball's, maybe you should plan to be out of town on August 15. This Sunday, up to 500 bicyclists are expected to wheel their way through town between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. as part of "A Day in the Ride" warm-up for the Boston-to-New York AIDS Ride in September. ...more

At Town Meeting this past spring, residents of Carlisle voted to hire a part-time recreation director for the town recreation programs. The programs offered by the commission have grown 40 percent over the past few years. This rapid growth and positive response from the residents contributed to overwhelming support for the creation of a paid position to manage ...more

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