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Friday, July 30, 1999


The Carlisle Conservation Commission has welcomed the first of three anticipated replacements for board members who stepped down at the end of their official terms on June 30. The three retirees were Claire Wilcox, who had served for six years, Christine Bopardikar for three and Steven Hinton for a total of seven and a half years during two stints. ...more

Someone once told me that bread rises better on a rainy day because of the low barometric pressure. As rain swept in, canceling our summer afternoon plans, I cheerily piped up "Let's make bread." My daughter went to the refrigerator and got out of tube of Pillsbury grande cinnamon rolls, handed it to me and left the kitchen not saying a word. "Oh ...more

If you didn't sign up your kids for summer camp last April, you may be looking for new and fun things to do with the kids, especially now that July's summer program at the Gleason library is complete. Here are a few ideas for August: ...more

"Look here!" [said the Water Rat.] "If you've really nothing else on hand this morning, supposing we drop down the river together, and have a long day of it?" ...more

"There's a Toad in my spider plant." Now that's a statement I'll bet you don't hear everyday. But it's really true. This summer a real toad is living in my spider plant. ...more

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