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Friday, July 30, 1999


More Old Home Day - Photos and contests Cake decorating

14 total contestants


First Prize—Stephanie Smith, "A Little Girl's Jewelry Box

Second Prize—Donna Perkins, "School Bus"

Third Prize—Lindsay and Susan Ventura, "The Heart of Carlisle"


First Prize—Lily Jewell, "Teletubbies"

Second Prize—Kathleen Orlando, "Highlights of the Century—My Refrigerator"

Third Prize—Theresa Ventura, "Spring Garden"

Pie baking

Fruit and Berry Pies

First Prize—Anne Marks (Blueberry Pie)

Second Prize—Delaine Williamson (Peach Cobbler)

Third Prize—Marie Fellows (Apple Pie)

Cream Pies

First Prize—Tie for Carole Malcomson and Hazel McNamara (Lemon Mousse) and Carolyn Shohet (Chocolate Cream and Apricot Pie)

Third Prize—Kathleen Marsh (Lemon Cream Meringue)


First Prize—Elizabeth Cheever (Eggnog Pie)

Second Prize—Nora Carr (Silky Custard Pie)

Bread baking

Adult: Sweet Yeast Breads

First Prize-Anne Marks (Almond Braid)

Second Prize-Nancy Kronenberg (Butter Crispies)

Adult: Savory Yeast Breads

First Prize-Nancy Kronenberg (Leaf Shaped Fougasse)

Second Prize-L. Marshall (Hearth Bread)

Third Prize-Doug Chapman (Doug's Hearth Bread)

Adult: Sweet Quick Breads

First Prize-Evelyn Fox (Rhubarb Bread)

Second Prize-Liz Ashby (Pear Spice)

Youth Division Winner

First Prize-Elizabeth Cheever (Orange Liqueur Bread)

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