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Friday, July 30, 1999


Cell tower moratorium approved; all bids rejected

The attorney general's office has verbally approved the wireless communications facility moratorium bylaw adopted at this spring's Town Meeting, according to town clerk Sarah Andreassen. Under the bylaw, no permit for the construction of a wireless communications facility may be granted for six months. During the six-month moratorium period, the wireless communications advisory committee (WCAC) will evaluate the existing cell tower bylaw and make recommendations for changes that will adequately protect the public interests of town residents.

In addition, at the unanimous recommendation of the WCAC, the selectmen rejected all of the proposals to construct cell towers on town land which were submitted earlier this year. According to town administrator David DeManche, town counsel has advised that it is within the prerogative of the board to reject any or all of the proposals.

Paul Gill of the WCAC stated that the committee is "picking and choosing" the best components of other towns' cell tower bylaws, for use in Carlisle. Further, the committee is evaluating all large town-owned parcels regarding criteria such as setbacks, residential abutters and visibility for appropriateness as a cell tower location. "We want to make sure any cell tower in town is put in the right place," said Gill.

Andreassen also stated that she was informed verbally that the attorney general's office has approved the other bylaw adopted at Town Meeting, making the operation of physician and dentist offices subject to special permit instead of by-right in a residential district. The town clerk noted, however, that written approval by the attorney general occasionally includes modifications to the language of the adopted bylaw.

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