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Friday, July 30, 1999

Thanks and good-bye from the Daltons

To the Editor:

While we appreciate the recognition we have received for our service to the Carlisle community, we have accomplished none of it alone. It has been our great good fortune to have had the opportunities, mentors and role models to encourage us and teach us, and the friends and colleagues who have made every committee, organization, institution and project a pleasure and privilege to join.

Our experiences here have done so much to help us grow and mature. The support and nourishment which we have received from the community has allowed us to build a solid foundation from which we spring into our new adventure in Toronto.

We thank all the committed and enthusiastic citizens of Carlisle who showed us how to make our lives here so rich and rewardingwho shared their time, talent and most of all their friendship with us. We are much richer for it. Thanks to all.

We hope that we will be among you again one day and that you will visit us in Toronto in the meantime.

Our new address and phone number in Toronto (after August 5):

13 Lynwood Ave.

Toronto, ON M4VIK3



The Daltons - John, Joan, Schyler, Juliet and Gin
Bedford Road

1999 The Carlisle Mosquito