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Friday, July 16, 1999


Math-a-thon makes a difference

During the past school year, the Carlisle School sixth graders raised $4,054.13 for Saint Judes Children's Hospital Math-A-Thon. The sixth graders got sponsors to donate money for the number of math problems they completed in special math books. All of the money raised by the sixth grade is going to Saint Jude's, which specializes in helping children with cancer. With the money, the hospital will buy medicine and new equipment, fund research, and even pay hospital bills for some kids.

The money sixth graders raised earned prizes for the Carlisle students in the school. Allie Robbins, who raised $647.05, came in first place and received a boom box. Elise Mostello came in second place and raised $520. Saint Jude's gave the school a prize of 15 calculators because the students raised over $3,000.

Mrs. Perry, the sixth-grade math teacher, said that the Carlisle sixth grade has been doing the Math-A-Thon for two years. She is very grateful that so many kids participated.

"It's a good cause, and a way to improve math skills while helping others," said Mrs. Perry.

We asked Carlisle students why they participated in the Math-A-Thon.

"I participated because I thought I'd be bored, so why not do math over the vacation and help kids." -Aaron Marks

"I want to help kids all over the planet, but I never knew how until the Math-A-Thon. I thought that I couldn't do anything, but now I know I can."

-Nikki Reed

"I wanted to help the less fortunate, and when I heard about this, I saw the perfect opportunity." -Samantha O'Keefe

We were all glad to help the kids at Saint Jude's, and to make a difference.

Alie Robbins, Katie Chew and Elise Mostello are sixth-grade students.

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