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Friday, July 16, 1999


Two barns monopolize BOA agenda

The Carlisle Board of Appeals granted a special permit at their July 1 meeting for construction of a barn at 119 Stearns Street. The six-acre property does not conform to Carlisle's current zoning requirements in that it fails to meet the 40-foot frontage requirement by six-and-a-half feet. Therefore, any new construction on the lot necessitates a special permit.

Applicant Steven Burns noted that he had unsuccessfully tried to acquire neighboring land to eliminate the non-conformity of the lot. After carefully reviewing the issues, the board of appeals determined that construction of the new barn would not increase the non-conformity of the property. The board concluded that the proposed structure continues to be the best use of the property within the spirit of the law.

Baliestieros drop appeal

The board of appeals also continued the hearing for a special permit to open a small business for the restoration of specialty and antique cars in a restored barn at 439 Stearns Street. The board acknowledged receipt of a letter from Michael and Laura Baliestiero requesting the withdrawal of this application.

The town building inspector had determined that the proposed business does not qualify under permitted "business use of home" guidelines. The Baliestieros will not appeal that zoning decision.

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