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Friday, July 16, 1999


Board of health enforces regulations with some flexibility

Although there was substantial business on their July 6 agenda, the board of health plowed through all the hearings on time. The meeting covered two public hearings on septic repair, three requests for additions, and one request for a waiver on new construction. The meeting was attended by two members, with Jim Slattery absent.

Blaisdell Drive repair

The first public hearing was for a repair of a system at 29 Blaisdell Drive. The septic system which had failed was on the front of a small 1.2-acre lot. The repair design moved it to the rear of the lot to increase the distance from neighbors' wells. The new system is, however, within 100 feet of a wetlands buffer zone. The board decided that a wetlands distance waiver to 52 feet was preferable to locating the system within 100 feet of the wells. The state only requires 50 feet from wetlands and the owner commented that the property was only wet in the spring. The board voted in favor of this waiver.

Rutland Street repair

The second public hearing did not go well for the owner, Scott Brazina, who was not present. Engineer Nelson Cabral presented a solution for a septic system repair at a house on 625 Rutland Street which has been vacant for some time. Cabral presented an Innovative Alternative FAST system which uses a pump chamber to pressure dose the effluent after it has recirculated in a system of filters. The use of the FAST system reduces groundwater offset requirements and minimizes mounding and drainage problems, Cabral explained.

Three waivers were requested:

· placement less than 100 feet from the wetlands.

· a two-foot offset reduction in height of the fill.

· a waiver to eliminate requirements for a garbage grinder disposal unit.

The board balked at the last waiver when it was apparent that there was space for a couple of additional trenches which could accommodate the garbage grinder requirements. The public hearing will be continued to the next meeting on August 10.

Three deed restrictions

The board approved deed restrictions for additions to homes at 75 Peter Hans Road, 571 Heald Road and 416 Westford Street. One well-prepared homeowner even commented, "That was easy." The deed restrictions will allow owners to add a room but prohibit them, or any future owner, from increasing the number of bedrooms unless the septic system is expanded.

No waivers to save trees

Builder Chris Fielding appeared to ask if the board could grant a waiver to move a septic tank five to ten feet and within the 100-foot wetlands zone for new construction at Lot 2 West Street. The contractor explained that this waiver was needed to avoid cutting down two trees and thus make the new lot less visible to neighbors. The design of the system was such that the tank had to be placed in one specific small triangle on the land to avoid wetlands waivers. The board concluded that it would not grant waivers on new construction to avoid cutting a couple of trees.

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