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Friday, July 16, 1999


Three-alarm fire on Cross Street

Selectmen Doug Stevenson had some unexpected fireworks on the July 4 holiday. While he and his wife Mary Beth were out of town, a faulty electrical wire started what turned out to be a three-alarm fire at his home on Cross Street.

Motorists spot fire

At about the same time as the wires in the Stevensons' empty house started to sizzle, Roberta and Steve Spang of Fiske Street decided it was a lovely evening and they would go for a drive around Carlisle. As they passed the Stevenson home at 271 Cross Street Spang spotted and smelled smoke coming from the side of the house. There were no lights in the windows and clearly no one at home, so he stopped and pulled into the drive to investigate. What he saw led him to go to neighbor Susan Stamps house and at 8:58 p.m. he placed a 911 call for help. He then returned to the Stevensons' home and used the garden hose to wet the outside wall until fire equipment arrived.

The Stevensons found out about the fire when Doug's mother Sonia of Heald Road called. On returning home, Doug and Mary Beth found the outside wall on the first and second floor had been burned.

In a telephone interview earlier this week, Mary Beth Stevenson said that there was as yet no damage estimate. She added that they had received "a lot of support" when firemen and friends helped clear away the damage. With the assistance they had received and the new paint on the house, she said things were pretty much back in shape. Anyone passing the house on July 12 would have to agree that Stevenson made good on his vow to get things cleaned up in a week. No one would guess that just a little over a week ago fire crews from three towns were working to save the house.

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