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Friday, July 16, 1999

Many OHD thanks

To the Editor:

We would like to publicly thank all those who worked so hard to make this year's Old Home Day a success! To each member of the Old Home Day committee, a big thank-you goes to you for all the work you consistently do so well! A special thank-you goes to some behind the scenes players: The Carlisle First Religious Society, for the use of Union Hall; St. Irene Church for the use of their tables; David Flannery, for his assistance in our use of the Carlisle School; Jic Davis, who faithfully lends his sound system each year; Gary Davis and the DPW, who set up and take down much of the OHD facilities without fail; Jack McNally, who was at our house by 4:45 a.m. on July 3 ready to help with setting up the day; Erik Collins, who stayed with us until the last table was put away at 9 p.m.; the Carlisle Police force, who graciously gave of their time for all our safety and to run the radar speed throw for children; the Carlisle firemen who ran a superbly hospitable BBQ; Mike Kimball, who donated ice cream gift certificates as prizes for the corn-husking; Susan Evans, whose efficiency was contagious; the Duffy family for all their ice cream help; and Donna and Newell Cantrill, who were willing to do any job requested of them and then some! We appreciate the dedication of all who volunteer their time and creativity, and we especially appreciate all of you for coming out to share in the day!

With thanks,
Chris and Beth Fielding
Old Home Day co-chairpersons

Cheers for the chairs

To the Editor:

Old Home Day was a big success again this year thanks to the tireless work of Old Home Day Committee co-chairs, Chris and Beth Fielding. Chris and Beth work for months in advance of the day organizing the events. They deserve a lot of credit for all that they do.

Thank you, Chris and Beth. It is people such as yourselves who make Carlisle the special place it is.

Susan Evans
Heald Road

Stevensons say thank-you

To the Editor:

On July 4 at 10 p.m. we received the news that our house was on fire. We were nine hours away. On the plane ride home the next morning we were feeling very unfortunate but once we were at our home we realized how fortunate we were.

We would like to say "Thank You" to:

The Spangs "thank you" will never be enough to say to them; they saved our house. They were driving by when they smelled smoke, pulled in our driveway and called 911. You truly exemplify the meaning of "good neighbor."

The Carlisle Fire Department -you responded so quickly and did the best job to minimize any damage. Our town does not realize how fortunate we are. You guys are the best!

The work crewnot only did you fight the fire Sunday night, you were back Monday morning helping us rebuild. Thank you Frank Sargent, David Mosely, George Middleton, Rick Foulke, Ted, Roy Watson, David Flannery, Rob Dennison, and David Zieler.

To our family and friendsyour love, support and help has carried us along. Thank you Bruce and Sonia Stevenson, the Nauglers, the Grays, Susan Stamps, Janet Perry, Bob and Jane Barlow, Bob and MaryLou Koning, George Senkler and the countless others who offered us a place to stay and their help.

We apologize if we forgot anyone. Please know that our thanks go to you as well.

We are truly blessed.

Douglas and Mary Beth Stevenson
Cross Street

Road Race thanks

To the Editor:

The Old Home Day Race co-directors, myself and John Dalton, thank the Carlisle Police for their superb traffic direction and control, making both races safe for the runners, and Dori Davis for her assistance as treasurer.

Since the race wouldn't be possible without the following individuals, many of whom have volunteered their time and expertise year after year, sincerest thanks go to: Newell Cantrill, Kay and Murray Edelberg, Sarah Goldsmith, Ken and Marilyn Harte, Ellen Huber, Wendy Powell, Helen Prudden, Jill and Roger Schreiner, and Suzee Woods.

Ron Kmiec
Bingham Road

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