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Friday, July 2, 1999


Cable TV surveys being analyzed

Last February, the board of selectmen sent a cable TV questionnaire to all Carlisle households. Designed by the Carlisle Cable TV Advisory Committee, the questionnaire asked residents for an assessment of current services and programming provided by Cablevision and their "wish list" for future enhancements, such as high-speed Internet access, digital TV and a wider choice in programming. Survey results will help the cable TV advisory committee and the selectmen renegotiate Cablevision's license, due to expire in October 2001.

The response to the survey was impressivea whopping 30 percent of Carlisle households completed the questionnaire, indicating that the town really cares about the quality of its cable service. Because of the volume of data generated by the multi-part questionnaire, tabulating the information is a slow process. Under the leadership of chair Paul Gill, cable TV advisory committee members Ray Pichulo, Darice Wareham and Ellen Miller are working on computer-aided analysis of the data and expect to finish the task this summer.

Cablevision is upgrading its infrastructure to provide enhanced service in many surrounding communities. But, says Ray Pichulo, "Carlisle is small potatoes as far as Cablevision is concerned." With only 550 cable subscribers at present, the town's normally advantageous small size presents a disadvantage in requesting cable upgrades. Nonetheless, Cablevision encourages feedback from the community. Whether cable subscribers or not, residents can register their interest in Internet access on Cablevision's Web site: Be aware, however, that Cablevision estimates it will be "late next year" before Carlisle's service gets upgraded.

While the license renewal process continues with Cablevision, there is an opportunity for a second provider to come to town. The selectmen have received a proposal from RCN to install an additional system; this proposal is currently being reviewed by the cable TV committee.

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