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Friday, July 2, 1999


CSC approves dual foreign language program

At the school committee meeting on June 8, the administration asked the committee to approve the revised foreign language program to begin in September. As of the middle of June, two new teachers have been hired. AnDrea Zollo has been hired to fill the full-time position for the middle school and Maria Rakhmanoff will take the half-time position for the elementary school. Both teachers have a proficiency in Spanish as well as French.

The program will include a "flex" introductory program for all fifth-grade students, consisting of two one-half hour classes per week of French instruction for one-half of the school year and Spanish instruction for the other half; a choice of French or Spanish in the sixth grade; and a continuation of the current French program in the seventh and eighth grade. The following academic year, both languages will be offered in the seventh grade and in the year after that, both will be offered in the eighth grade.

Principal Andy Goyer said it is planned that three years of foreign language in the middle school will present the option for a student to enter the second year of a language in high school. Chair David Dockterman said it is important to get the best language teachers so that the school can provide a quality program and the best possible introduction to all languages.

New assistant principal

Terry Farwell has been hired full-time to fill the new assistant principal position and team leader for special education meetings. She received her bachelor's from the University of Vermont and master's in education from the University of San Diego. She comes from Littleton school system where she served as the administrator of special education and assistant director of pupil services.

New teachers

Other teachers hired include: Karen Morse for kindergarten; David Zuckerman for grade 7 social studies; Karen Condouris and Heather White as speech therapists; Julianne Locke as part-time school psychologist; David Aronson for grade 6 special education; and Sandra Kelly as library/media specialist.

Two kindergarten positions remain open ,as do the positions for a physical education teacher, elementary guidance counselor, the half-time choral music teacher and elementary special educator.

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