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Friday, July 2, 1999


Hi-tech septic system eliminates mound

The Carlisle Board of Health reviewed and tentatively accepted another hi-tech septic system in Carlisle on June 22. This solution, for a repair at 625 Rutland Street, will need two waivers: one for a garbage disposal and the other for a MicroFAST system.

"We require conventional systems," said board chair Steve Opolski, "but in this case a fully compliant system would encroach further into the wetlands and there is also a property line issue." Opolski noted that hi-tech systems require more maintenance, about $500 a year in this case, and are sometimes based on proprietary technologies which may be unavailable in a decade or two when the system might need repair.

Hi-tech systems do have aesthetic advantages that property owners and abutters appreciate. In this case, the system reduced the required offset to groundwater by two feet. A conventional system would have required a mound to achieve the same effect.

Plan reviews dominate meeting

With more and more land being divided for building, the board of health has seen an increase in the number of septic system disposal plans requiring review. In the past, a builder could sometimes sneak in a plan for review at the last moment. That cannot happen any longer.

Due to the increase in engineering review and administrative processing of new and revised plans, the BOH adopted a new policy. Only plans that the town consulting engineer has reviewed and delivered to the board agent by the Friday afternoon prior to a Tuesday meeting are put on the agenda for consideration.

At the board's June 22 meeting, the following plans fared as follows:

· The plans for 169 Church Street were presented too late for engineering review.

· The board approved plans for ten lots on Buttrick Lane.

· The plans for Lot 3 Bedford Road were approved.

· A revised plan for Hillside Drive, Lot 7 was approved, pending the conservation commission's approval. Otherwise, the previous plan will remain in effect.

· The board denied a permit extension for Lot 19 Kimball Road.

· The board acknowledged a change in the name for an Acton Street subdivision from Maplewood Drive to Koning Farm Road.

· Plans for Lot E-2 East Street were rejected due to engineering issues.

During the summer, the board of health will only meet monthly, with the meetings scheduled for July 6 and August 10.

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