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Friday, July 2, 1999


Selectmen make committee appointments and handle other business

The selectmen filled openings in four town boards on June 22, but vacancies on six others remain. The following appointments were made: J. Thomas Brownrigg of Acton Street was appointed to the conservation commission; David C. Ives of Heald Road was appointed to the finance committee; Maureen Tarca of Partridge Lane was appointed to the recreation commission; and Suzanne Whitney-Smith of Russell Street was appointed to the school building subcommittee.

The following vacancies still exist: one vacancy on the ConsCom; one vacancy on the council on aging (to fill a term expiring June 30, 2000); one vacancy on the long-term capital requirements committee; two vacancies on the personnel board; one vacancy on the RecCom; and one vacancy on the town building committee (to fill a term expiring June 30, 2000).

The following residents will be leaving town committees: Steve Hinton and Christine Bopardikar from the ConsCom; John Dalton from the long-term capital requirements committee; Teresa Faucher from the council on aging; Carl Schilling from the personnel board; Linda Zinke from FinCom; and Mike Coscia and Bob Fiddler from RecCom.

Selectmen also divided among themselves and town administrator David DeManche liaison duties to other boards.

In another staffing change lamented by the board, long-time secretary to the board of selectmen, Natalie Ives, announced her retirement, with her last day being July 2. Ives expressed a desire to have more flexibility in her life. The board is seeking a replacement who will provide approximately 35 hours per week of secretarial support to the board and town administrator.

Short-term notes

Town treasurer Nancy Koerner attended the meeting of the board of selectmen on June 22 to finalize the issuance of short-term notes for the town. These bond anticipation notes total $3,639,067 and are for the library project and the Wang-Coombs land purchase. The town received a total of eight bids, and Koerner recommended acceptance of the lowest bid which was from Fleet Securities at a net interest rate of 3.62 percent. The notes are dated July 1, 1999 and will be due July 3, 2000.

Cell tower advisory

Selectmen adopted the mission statement for the recently-formed cell tower advisory committee. According to the statement, the new committee has three broad charges. First, the committee will develop a wireless communications bylaw that will adequately protect the public interests of town residents. This review shall include looking at the existing bylaw and similar bylaws of other communities; gathering input from the board of appeals, bylaw review committee, planning board, selectmen and town counsel; and holding public hearings on any new proposal. Second, the committee will submit any proposed bylaw for inclusion on the fall Special Town Meeting Warrant.

Third, the committee will advise the selectmen regarding the use of wireless communications facilities on town-owned land. That is, the committee will either make a recommendation on the selection of a vendor or vendors from the proposals received in February, or prepare a new request for proposals for the use of town land under any new cell tower bylaw.

There is currently a six-month moratorium in effect on the granting of permits under the existing cell tower bylaw. Selectmen reported that they had been advised that the moratorium expires six months from the date of its adoption at Town Meeting (May 11). Nextel Communications has asked the state attorney general to invalidate the moratorium and the town is awaiting word from town counsel on that challenge.

Heald Road speed zones

The mystery at the last selectmen's meeting as to why the Massachusetts Highway Department singled out Heald Road to impose a 20 m.p.h. speed limit has been solved. Police chief David Galvin explained in a memo to DeManche that over the past six months the police department had received numerous speeding complaints from the residents of Heald Road. The chief informed the board that an unposted public way has a speed limit of 40 m.p.h. In order to establish a posted speed limit, the state department of public works must investigate the area and establish a posted speed limit.

Galvin endorsed the 20 m.p.h. limit established by the state. Selectmen agreed and the special speed regulation will be forwarded to the state highway department for further processing.

Financial calendar

The establishment of a financial calendar was the first recommendation of the gathering of the town's leadership to work on improvements to the budget process. DeManche circulated the first draft of the FY00 calendar on June 22. The calendar assigns responsibility and establishes due dates for over 30 items and also includes three coordinating meetings between the board of selectmen and FinCom.

Scholarships announced

Selectmen announced the following winners of the Caroline Hill Scholarship who will receive an award of $1,000 each: Laura Bilodeau of Rutland Street who will attend Colby College; Alex Daltas of Lowell Road who attends the University of Southern California; David Krasnoff of School Street who will attend George Washington University; Christopher Moschini of Judy Farm Road who attends Northeastern University; Jessica Raymond of Acton Street who attends Stanford University; and Amy and Heather Greer of River Road, who will both attend Messiah College ($500 each).

Legal request process

The town administrator has revised the process by which requests are made of town counsel, Deutsch, Williams, DeRensis, et al. The new form adds a statement from town counsel about whether the request will be covered under the monthly retainer fee and, if not, what the estimated cost will be. Selectmen reported that this statement was added due to unexpected legal charges in the past for certain advice.

Executive session

The board went into executive session to discuss Swanson versus the town of Carlisle. This suit pertains to an alleged right of first refusal and has a potential impact on a portion of the Wang-Coombs property.

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