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Friday, June 25, 1999


The Carlisle Planning Board elected new leadership for the coming year and then provided an indication of things to come by approving three major subdivision plans. Wheeler Lane, Deer Creek Estates, and Hart Farm Estates all received approval at the June 14 meeting, albeit with some strings attached. ...more

On June 22, Roger Murphy of the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights (OCR) confirmed that a complaint was filed against the Carlisle Public School on April 28, 1999. According to Murphy, the complaint alleges that "the district failed to take appropriate action when sexual harassment was reported, and there is also a retaliation issue." ...more

Attorneys for Nextel Com-munications have asked the state attorney general's office to invalidate the six-month moratorium on the granting of permits for wireless communications facilities passed at the Annual Town Meeting. In a letter dated June 4, attorney Richard L. Seegel stated, "Since the moratorium bylaw does not declare an emergency or give any ...more

Havoc erupted on Monday morning, June 21, when a four-inch plastic gas main was ruptured at approximately 7:30 a.m. near the NYNEX junction house on Westford Street. Detour signs and traffic control officers were already in place for the planned drainage work for the pedestrian/bike path. ...more

The Middlesex Superior Court denied the request filed by Concord-Carlisle High School teachers Wilson Flight and Elliot Lilien which would have prohibited the district from taking any action while they fought the state's recertification process. Joined by six teachers from other districts, Lilien and Flight maintained that they had been issued life-time certificates ...more

Some things never change; the timeless flow of the Concord and Merrimack Rivers to the sea and the return of mosquitoes to Carlisle in the spring. So it is with the Minuteman Techical High School Regional School Committee. Attend a meeting every six months and the same members are still fighting over the same issues. Unlike the debate over participation in ...more

Minuteman Technical High School Regional School Committee member Sally Bobbit of Lincoln reported on their Town Meeting earlier this year where the school's proposed senior assisted-living complex was voted down. The project was originally proposed as a $30 million extended-stay hotel and senior assisted-living complex, along with the creation of an advanced ...more

The planning board was on a roll on June 14. It was time to crack the toughest nut of allValchuis versus the residents of Berry Corner Lane. The board previously refused to endorse an Approval Not Required (ANR) plan for a sixth lot on Berry Corner Lane where Michael and David Valchuis wish to build a house on their 13-acre lot. ...more

Prior to receiving word from the Office of Civil Rights regarding the complaint against the Carlisle School (See story on page 1), a discussion had ensued over the complexities of maintaining confidentiality versus addressing potential concerns over safety. Over the past couple of weeks, the Carlisle School Committee had adjourned their regular meeting ...more

The final Carlisle School Committee meeting of the 1998-99 academic year was called to order by chair David Dockterman on Monday, June 14. ...more

Members of the Carlisle Congregational Church are planning to build a new sanctuary and representatives attended the Carlisle School Committee meeting on June 14 to show the drawings and answer questions since the church property abuts the school property on School Street. Carlisle resident Peter Cole and Kirk Ware, chair of the building committee for the ...more

The Carlisle Middle School Softball Team won the league championship and finished up with a record of 13-1. Sixth- grader Erin Daly and eighth-grader Kaitlin Mattison did most of the work on the mound for the Huskies. They had a combined total of 75 strikeouts and both greatly contributed to the Carlisle offense. Eighth-grader Jazen Jacobellis was both an ...more

The Carlisle Middle School baseball team finished the season with a record of 11-3 thanks to the fine pitching of Eric Moseley (5 - 1), Dan Hoffman (5-1), Matt Kilfoyle (1-1) and the superb hitting of Peter Hantzis, who batted .674 for the season. Carlisle's record secured second place in the Nashoba Valley Middle School League, as Stow finished ...more

On Thursday, June 17, at 9:50 p.m., a Billerica woman was walking in the area of Rutland Street and Patch Meadow Lane when a tan vehicle pulled up alongside. Feeling uneasy, the woman started running and heard two car doors slam and one individual state, "I hope you're prepared to die." She was not accosted further, although she sprained her ankle ...more

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