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Friday, June 25, 1999


Now that schools are letting out and summer vacations are just around the corner, it's that time of the year when most of us can plan on having more free time for recreational reading. With this in mind, the Mosquito is again publishing a summer reading list. ...more

On Sunday, the Carlisle Conservation Foundation/Carlisle Land Trust (CCF/CLT) held its annual meeting at the Harring barn at the corner of Acton and West Streets. What started out as a fairly typical annual meeting ended up being a celebration of farming and farmland in Carlisle. ...more

"Mom, you said we could go strawberry picking!" The season is going fast. My dilemma: having my daughter bug me all winter "you said we could go pick strawberries but we never did." or have a five-year old whining out in some hot sticky field. ...more

Phillip Dumka is eight years old. Now a third-grader in the Carlisle School, Philip recently shared this poem with his former second-grade teacher Linda Clark, who fostered his inclination to write poetry. ...more

Catching frogs and turtles is my favorite thing to do. I go hunting with my friend Andy Trebino. We put on our gear and two hours later we come home with frogs, turtles and even snakes. ...more

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