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Friday, June 18, 1999


The high school years have been forever immortalized in pop culture as a time full of fast cars, rock music and rebellion, but speaking as a recent graduate, there seems to be a gap in this case between perception and reality. Apparently, the people who wrote the songs and movies that created this teenage image never actually attended high school, because ...more

Father's Day, which falls on June 20 this year, is a special occasion for giving extra recognition to dads. Most fathers that I know are happy to have this extra attention granted in the form of a delicious meal, and June is the perfect time of year for an al fresco feast. I find that dining outdoors is a pleasure as long as the menu is fairly simple and the ...more

Kay Woodward, Trudy Williams, Shirley Sauer, and her twin Sally Lingner are four Carlisle Council on Aging quilters and very special women who agreed to give a quilting class for second- and third-grade students this spring. The children had studied about quilting in school, learning something about the math, geometry and patterns. ...more

The Carlisle School is extremely appreciative of the volunteer work of many dedicated Carlisle School volunteers. At the school committee meeting on June 8, a number of volunteers were recognized: ...more

Member Cindy Nock informed the Carlisle School Committee on June 8 of proposals regarding home schooling which are currently being discussed at Concord-Carlisle Regional School committee meetings. ...more

The eighth-grade Quebec trip has been a Carlisle tradition for several years. Painstakingly organized by French teacher Mademoiselle Baker, the trip consists of about one-and-a-half days to see the sights, explore the city, enjoy traditional Quebec meals, and dance the night away on the ever-popular disco cruise. ...more

This is the first of an occasional article that will appear in the Mosquito throughout June, July and August, featuring places to go and things to do during the summertime in and around Carlisle. ...more

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