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Friday, June 18, 1999


Teacher assignments for next year

Teacher assignments at the Carlisle School for the 1999-2000 school year have been made. There are a few changes and some openings that remain to be filled. In the elementary school, the current teachers will remain in the preschool, first, second and fifth grades.


Because about 94 students are expected in the incoming kindergarten class, it will be divided into five sections rather than four. The continuing kindergarten teachers are Peter Darasz and Sandra Walker. Laraine Woo has resigned to take a full-time kindergarten position in Andover. Kristin O'Brien will be moving from kindergarten to fourth grade. Karen Morse will be one of the new kindergarten teachers. Morse is a long-time Carlisle resident who had been a special education teacher years ago and this year updated her skills as an intern and substitute in the Carlisle School; she has a master's degree in education from Rhode Island College. Two kindergarten teaching positions remain to be filled.

Third grade

The third grade will be reduced to four sections from five this year. Margaret Bruell will be returning from her leave of absence to teach third grade again. The other third grade teachers will be Gene Stamell, Jennifer Webster and Elizabeth Gray. The contract for third grade teacher Lisa Echevarria was not renewed.

Fourth grade

The fourth grade will grow from four to five sections to accommodate the class of almost 100 students. Kerri Scully will be moving to fourth grade from third. The other fourth grade teachers will be Geraldine Madigan, Jennifer Putnam, William Gale and Kristin O'Brien. The contract of fourth-grade teacher Raphaela Deming was not renewed.

Middle school

In the middle school, the language arts, math and science teachers will all continue as they are this year. In social studies, Jane Herrmann will continue in sixth grade and Michael Miller will move from seventh to eighth grade. A new teacher, David Zuckerman, will teach seventh grade social studies. Zuckerman taught for the past three years at the Hampstead Middle School in New Hampshire. He has a master's degree in teaching from Tufts University.

The foreign language department is being reorganized to include Spanish as an option, in addition to French. Nicole Baker will be continuing to teach French. A new teacher who can teach both French and Spanish is being sought. The two part-time French teachers, Joelle Birkett and Elisabeth Bojarski, will not be continuing.


There are several openings for specialists, none of which have yet been filled. A half-time elementary foreign language teacher and a half-time middle school choral music teacher are being added to expand the programs in these areas. A physical education teacher is needed to replace Sally Watts, who is taking a leave of absence. A new librarian is also being recruited.

Student support services

Julianne Locke will be the new elementary school psychologist, replacing Glen Atkinson, who was not renewed. Locke was previously at Silver Lake Regional High School from 1993-99. She has a master's degree in school psychology and certificate of advanced graduate study, from Tufts University.

Karen Condouris will be a new speech therapist, replacing Megan Idell, who has resigned. Condouris was previously at the Holliston elementary schools and has a master's degree from the Institute of Health Professionals at Mass. General Hospital. Cynthia Samuels will be continuing and there is an opening for an additional speech therapist as well.

The contract for elementary guidance counselor Lauren Scott-Gross was not renewed so there will be a new guidance counselor. The newly created position of assistant principal also remains unfilled at this time.


At the June 14 school committee meeting, Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said that she will ask that the school committee approve renewal of all administators' contracts.

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