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Friday, June 18, 1999


Local teachers develop "Carlisle College"

The contract between the Carlisle teachers' union and the administation includes the establishment of a professional program to compensate teachers for their work and to enable them to grow professionally. Appproximately $15,000 from the "Odden pool" has enabled the Carlisle teachers to develop a professional program. (Allen Odden is a teacher from the University of Wisconsin who has established alternative ways to compensate teachers for professional development.) The local program, entitled "Carlisle College," is the means by which the Carlisle teachers and administrators strive for common goals and work together for professional development.

College credit is granted for participation in this program which fosters use of systems dynamics in school curriculum and encourages teachers to share their expertise with others. Teachers David Mayall and Alan Ticotsky organized fall and spring programs which helped to educate about 30 teachers. In August, Mayall and Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson will present the overview of the Carlisle College and ways in which the school administration and teachers' union work together, to the Massachusetts Teachers Association meeting in Williamstown.

The "college" offerings grew out of the need for systems dynamics training combined with the high standards and knowledge of Carlisle's teachers who are now able to share expertise with others. Aside from Mayall and Ticotsky, Carlisle teachers involved in this program include Susie Brinner, Sue Helenius Laporte and Jen MacInnes. Fox-Melanson explained that this is a way to "maintain high standards, promote professional development, and have a major impact on others." Chair David Dockterman added, "The teachers are learning and have energized part of our culture and the classrooms. It's fantastic."

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