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Friday, June 18, 1999

The high school years have been forever immortalized in pop culture as a time full of fast cars, rock music and rebellion, but speaking as a recent graduate, there seems to be a gap in this case between perception and reality. Apparently, the people who wrote the songs and movies that created this teenage image never actually attended high school, because ...more

Father's Day, which falls on June 20 this year, is a special occasion for giving extra recognition to dads. Most fathers that I know are happy to have this extra attention granted in the form of a delicious meal, and June is the perfect time of year for an al fresco feast. I find that dining outdoors is a pleasure as long as the menu is fairly simple and the ...more

Organized opposition was successful in defeating an override of $435,161 for the Concord K-8 public schools on June 10. Of Concord's 11,212 registered voters, 2,563 voters opposed the only question on the ballot, while 2,232 supported the request.The Proposition 2-1/2 override was expected to add $59 to a median-priced home. The vote will have no impact on ...more

Members of the board of selectmen and finance committee met behind closed doors on June 1 to analyze what caused the confusing and unsettling presentation of the town's finances at this spring's Annual Town Meeting. Although selectmen had spoken about an open discussion of what went wrong and had originally scheduled the FinCom to be on the agenda for the ...more

The long-awaited return of developer Bill Costello resulted in a collective sigh of relief at the June 14 meeting of the planning board. The town has been waiting six months for the other shoe to drop in Costello's plan to build affordable housing on East Riding Drive. ...more

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