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Friday, June 18, 1999


Quilting ties generations together

Kay Woodward, Trudy Williams, Shirley Sauer, and her twin Sally Lingner are four Carlisle Council on Aging quilters and very special women who agreed to give a quilting class for second- and third-grade students this spring. The children had studied about quilting in school, learning something about the math, geometry and patterns.

The four quilters attended a cultural enrichment program for the second graders at the school last year. The program featured Natalie Kinsey Warner, an energetic author of children's books, who brought a large selection of her grandmothers' quilts. The quilters loved Natalie and were so taken with the children's enthusiasm that they offered to bring in their quilts to share with the second graders. They did and it was a wonderful combinationthe women, the quilts and the children.

A few Carlisle School Association members witnessed these events, and wondered if it would be possible to put together a quilting class. They felt the second and third graders would be interested because of their recent exposure. This spring, a class with eight young students was formed under the recreation commission and meetings were held after school. Student participants included Siobhan Galligan, Sarah Hoffman, Elise Lamoreaux, Charlotte Sargent, Elena and Erica Shieh, Maya Smith and Ema Woodward.

The four women from COA were charming and patient teachers with love and excitement for their craft. They brought in examples of their current projects to share with the class and parents. They prepared wonderful projects for the participants: a nine- square expanded into a table runner with triangles added to either end; an ingenious fold-out wallet that holds needles, pins and scissors. Some of the participants had sewn before but all were willing students. The finished projects are small works of art, delightful treasures to look at and touch.

This program has the beginnings of what could be a Carlisle establishment that brings generations together to enjoy each other's company, to learn about each other and to share a wonderful tradition.

Carol Zell is on the board for the Council on Aging and is the Carlisle School Association liaison to the COA.

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